Too cool not to share-

The other night when I had my alcohol inks out, I started tinkering with this piece of copper that I had embossed using the Cobweb Texture Fade.  After I embossed it, I adhered it to a piece of chipboard and mitered and folded the edges over to the back.  I had made it with absolutely nothing in mind to do with it so it sat for a few days untouched.  So as I was working on my journal project it caught my eye.  I began inking it with the same Sunshine Yellow and Sunset Orange that I used on my brighter days page.  The colors looked so amazing on the copper!  I then took my black archival ink pad and rubbed it over the surface to hit the high parts of the design.  I had some serious love happening for the effect.  Then I wondered what would happen if I added some Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint. . . .

tammytutterow embossed metal with flakes

This is what happens.  Rich, russety, crackly enamely looking goodness.  I wish the photos did it real justice because the effect is so seriously gorgeous in person.

tammytutterow embossed metal with flakes

BUT, here is the thing, the Distress Crackle Paint doesn’t bond well with either the alcohol inks or maybe the metal, I am not sure which.  Whichever it is, the crackle flakes off.  Not 100%, but enough to make the piece very fragile to handle.  These photos are all after I handled the piece and tapped the edge on my table to remove the loose flakes.  You can see areas that are duller looking, that is the metal peeking through.

tammytutterow embossed metal with flakes

The more it is handled the more it flakes.  When it flakes off, the flakes pull the color from below with exposing the original metal color.  Now mind you, I don’t really consider the flaking a fail, I think it looks cool but it does make the piece very fragile to handle.

tammytutterow embossed metal with flakes
The flakes that come off look a lot like colored chunky glass glitter or colored rock candy.  I am seriously thinking of repeating the process just to harvest the chunks!

tammytutterow embossed metal with flakes

I am going to experiment with adding something else to the mix to try to help bind the crackle to the surface more to try to increase the durability.  I wanted to blog about it now though because it is just too pretty, even at the non-perfect stage not to share!  I have used Glossy Accents on metal before so the Crackle Accents might be the answer for a non-flaking crackle effect.  If you have any ideas for a binder please let me know.  I am ready to experiment and try anything and will of course share the results here.

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  1. says

    Hi Tammy – this is amazing! Maybe instead of using a sheet of metal you could try doing the same technique over a sheet of chipboard/grungeboard – prime the whole sheet with a paint dabber (pearl/silver/copper/gold), then emboss and add the alcohol inks and crackle paint. Might bind better to the painted surface, but would still have a metallic base… OR try inking the surface with the new metallic STAZ-ON inks – they’re SUPER metallic! Thanks for sharing this COOL technique!!!

  2. says

    Looks really great Tammy! You know me – I love to work with metal so this is really fun.
    I know how you feel about the pics not doing it justice – but it still looks great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. betty says

    This is certainly too cool to NOT share! I love the look. Crackle accents immediately come to mind. However, when you showed the “flakes,” several ideas came to mind…

  4. says

    That is the coolest looking spider wed i have seen out there! I wouldn’t change a thing .. and i love that the pieces that fell off can be used elsewhere!
    Would a sealant of some kind make a big difference? I can only imagine what this looks like IRL! TFS
    Rachel :)

  5. Rachel Bierly says

    Ok, you really have to get out of my head. I just did my Halloween ATC last week using Tim TF splash and used alcohol ink and inked the top with black to make it look like a spider web. Now Jen K is going to think I copied you!!! 😉 I love that great minds think alike!! I agree that Crackle Accents would probably work without the flake.

  6. says

    I do think that Crackle Accents might work, BUT you wouldn’t get the small cracks like you get with the Rock Candy…that’s the difference between the two. The Crackle Accents gives much bigger cracks. I’m sure it would still look cool…but I REALLY like the look you have going right now!! You could always email Tim himself and see if he has a suggestion! :)