Tim Holtz CHA-S 2011: Emma’s Halloweens

Hooray!  Today is the first day of the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Chicago!  If you aren’t familiar, this is one of two trade shows a year where craft manufacturers display their new lines for store owners.  I am super thrilled to once again be making samples for Tim Holtz!  I have four projects to share featuring Tim’s Idea-ology products.  I think that this first one I am sharing is my favorite. . .

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I created a tag book with Grungepaper covers and kraft glassine inside pages that I cut from Tim’s Tag and Bookplate die.  The theme is Emma’s Halloweens and features the number 12 for the 12 Halloween’s that will be included in the book.  Since she is only 7, the book has blank pages inside so that in the future all I will need to do is add a photo and a few details.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I used Grungepaper for my covers.  To create the background effect, I streaked Spiced Marmalade and Picket Fence Distress Stain and Adirondack Pitch Black Paint Dabbers.  I misted on some water to help it all soften and bleed a bit and then dried it with my Heat-It tool.  I topped it off with a misting of Perfect Pearls Mist in Bronze.  I brushed Black Soot Distress Inks onto the edges after drying the mist.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I embellished the cover with a mix of elements.  The white number 12 is from Tim’s Numerals pack.  It is actually the 1/2 cut in half.  I liked the smaller size of those numbers.  To make the silver numbers white, I dabbed them a Snow Cap White Pigment ink pad.  I heat it to dry and then sponged on some Black Soot Distress Ink with the foam ink applicator too.  I again heated the ink to dry it.  I then dabbed on clear embossing ink and coated them with clear embossing powder.

To add color to the large Ornate Plate, I again dabbed it with Snow Cap Pigment ink and heated it.  Once it was dry, I dabbed on Spiced Marmalade Distress Stain.  The stain puddles on the metal a bit but will dry when heat set.  Once dry, I again dabbed on embossing ink and clear embossing powder.

To color the brads, I held each brad with a tweezers and tapped the head of the brad onto my Snow Cap Pigment Ink pad.  I heated each to dry it.  While the brad was still hot, I dipped the top into my clear embossing powder.  I heated the brad again until the powder melted.  I love the glossy finish the clear embossing powder gives each piece while sealing in the color on the metal.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

After adding my embellishments (the large Trick or Treat is from the Seasonal Paper Stash) I added stamping using my favorite alpha stamps stamped with Black Soot Distress Ink.  (Links to everything I used is down below.)

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I really love this little hooty owl!  It is from Tim’s new Adornments Halloween set.  He comes in plain silver.  I used my alcohol ink markers (I use Letraset Promarkers but any alcohol ink markers like Copic will work) to add color to him.  Once the ink was dry, I dabbed on embossing in and clear embossing powder.  My clear embossing powder got a little bit of random glitter in it which made its way onto the owl which adds a fun little bit of sparkle to him.

The owl is attached to a Swivel Clasp that I embellished with several pearl Baubles.  The Baubles are white but can easily be colored with alcohol inks.  All you need to do is put them in a little baggie and drip color into the bag.  Smoosh the Baubles around until they are colored.  Allow them to air dry.  On my large Bauble with the chain tassel, I dripped a few drops of green alcohol ink onto my craft sheet and drug the chain through it to color it.  I used some alcohol ink blending solution in a Adirondack Fill-able Pen to remove any orange ink off of the metal bead heads.  I used a fill-able pen with green alcohol ink in it to color the metal green.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I used a small screw eye in a Game Piece to make a fun charm with the number 12.  The piece cracked a bit (which looks cool to me) so I filled the opening with clear glue to make it a bit stronger and keep the screw eye in place.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I added a new Halloween Muse Token to the charms.  I added color to it by dripping alcohol ink on it and sealing it with clear embossing powder.  There was a lot of glitter that got mixed in with my clear powder on this piece.  I think it is a great added touch!

To finish off the charm dangle, I tied on a bit of Tim’s Trimmings ribbon that I colored.  To color the piece, I streaked on a bit of Marmalade Distress Stain, a dirps of Sunset Orange alcohol ink, and mists of water.  I scrunched it up and dried it and then tied it on to the clasp.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

The inside of the book is fairly simple.  I used the same pattern for each page to make it simple and quick.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

Each page has a photo matted on cardstock which is sewn to the tag to create a pocket.  The pocket has a tag in it for journaling.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I covered each of the manila tags (the ones in the pocket) with solid papers from Tim’s Seasonal Paper Stash and shortened the tag to fit in the pocket.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

Below the photo is a strip of paper for a title and a round piece of Kraft paper (the back sides of scraps of Kraft Resist) with the year stamped on them.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

The title strip is also patterned paper from the Seasonal Paper Stash.  It is machine stitched in place.  With the Kraft Glassine you may find that you need staples, stitching, brads, etc to help hold elements in place.  Some adhesives may not hold well on the coated finish of the paper.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

To create fabric re-enforcers for the holes on the tag, I cut two re-enforcers for each tag from white Sticky Back Canvas scraps using the re-enforcer part of the tag die.  You will find it is much easier to color your scraps first (I brushed Black Soot Distress Ink for mine) before die cutting.  Once cut, place the re-enforcer around the tag hole on both sides and burnish well to help it adhere in place.  Try not to touch the adhesive side of the Sticky Back Canvas much so as not to dull the adhesive on the back.  If you have any that won’t stick, a light touch of clear liquid glue should help.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

When making pages in advance of the photos, be sure that any elements that you will want the photo to slip in under are left free.  You can see in the photo below that the stitching stops at the edge of the cardstock so that when it is time to add a photo to the page, it will slip under the title strip.  The circles with the dates are also attached below the cardstock.  Once the photo is added it will have a overlapped elements like the pages before.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

Sigh, Kraft Glassine, oh how I love Kraft Glassine.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

To create my tag pages from Kraft Glassine, I first wrinkled the tags creating cracks in the finish.  I applied Spiced Marmalade Distress Stain to the surface of the tags on both sides.  I allowed the tags to sit for a few minutes to really let the stain soak in.  After a few minutes I blotted off any excess stain and then dried the tags with my heat tool.  After drying, I sprayed the front and back of each tag with Bronze Perfect Pearls Mist.  I again allowed each tag to sit a few minutes, then lightly blotted them and dried them.  I finished off each tag with Black Soot Distress Ink around the edges.  Once the tags were dry I added the re-enforcers and elements to each tag.

tammytutterow 12 halloweens tag book

I just love the finished effect of the inside tags being from Kraft Glassine.  It really has such a vintagey, old timey look and feel to it.


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  1. Faith says

    You always amaze me – this is gorgeous!!!! Such a great idea – especially for us moms that haven’t scrapbooked and journaled our kids’ photos. I might dig out those all pictures soon…

  2. Kirsten Alicia says

    What a beautiful tag book. It will definitely be treasured, probably by future generations of Tutterows.

  3. says

    This is fantastic!! My favorite part is how you altered the metal elements with different inks and embossing powders – very creative way to customize them!

  4. Marijane says

    What an amazing tag book and a wonderful keepsake for little Emma! Thank you so much for sharing all the details of how it was made. I always learn something new from your blogs.

  5. Robin says

    What an incredible tag book – how wonderful Emma will have this to treasure for years to come. You are an amazing artist!

  6. says

    This is unbelievably awesome! I’m so inspired to create my own for each of my kids! Wow, I am just in awe of your talent! Even though I haven’t commented in a while, I haven’t missed a post! 😀 Keep that inspiration coming! (I know you’ve been busy making CHA goodies!)

  7. Sharon secor says

    This is absolutely totally awesome! You are incredibly talented and I am so glad you share with us! Can’t wait for more!!

  8. Marian H says

    I love this tag book. Great work. I just found the glassine paper at my local Archivers and can’t wait to use it. Thanks for the great ideaS!

  9. Danisha says

    What a great idea!!! And such a fun way to show all the costumes through the years!!!

  10. says

    This is a fabulous idea and a wonderful showcase for Tim’s new Halloween products….not to mention all the great tips and techniques you’ve included.
    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  11. donna says

    Simply wonderful, I need to go on a SERIOUS shopping spree, I have leftover “Trick or Treat” photos of my grandbaby that I can do.
    Thanks for sharing.