Tuesday Tutorial: Easy Ribbon Roses

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably heard me mention a lot lately about having some asthma and allergy issues.  This summer I have progressed from having mild asthma to full on, full blown, kicking my tail end every day asthma.  I normally take two prescription allergy medications a day which are also suddenly not working.  I been waiting almost a full month to be seen by a specialist.  Each day I have just gotten sicker and sicker.  I have been sicker this summer than I than I think I ever have been for such a long period.  Lately I am just barely functioning.  I don’t think I have ever been so happy to have a doctor’s appointment finally come!  So today, I am off for a day full of breathing tests, treatments, allergy pricks and tests.  Hopefully at the end of the day I will have some new solutions and on my way to feeling much, much better. {fingers crossed}

I share all of that so that you will understand why today’s tutorial is a re-post.  This week I have just been too wiped out to accomplish much.  I decided to give myself a break and use a previous post.  It has been almost a year since I first posted this so it will be *new* to some readers.  If you remember it and it isn’t new for you, I hope you will enjoy giving it a second look.


Originally posted 9/12/10

tammytutterow ribbon roses

I have gotten quite a few emails asking me to share the technique I used for making the ribbon roses on the Aged to Perfection project I shared last week.

I have been doing ribbonwork for more than ten years.  I am self taught through books.  There are lots of ways to make roses, but this is by far my favorite.  Once you get the hang of it, you can make a ribbon rose in under a minute.  When I got married 10 years ago, I made every single one of my wedding flowers using this rose in various ribbons.  It was quite a task, but a true labor of love because it was a real part of me and love of ribbon.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

You can use pretty much any width and type of ribbon you would like.  The wider the ribbon the broader the finished flower will be. I usually don’t cut my ribbon to any set length, I prefer to work straight from the spool or length of yardage I have so that when I finish I don’t have any scraps.

I like to work from left to right meaning that my length of ribbon is on my left and the end where my flower is built is on my right.  To begin, fold the end of the ribbon forward over itself at a right angle as shown above with the end of the ribbon extending down below the bottom of the edge of the ribbon about 1/2″.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Fold the point of the ribbon on the right back to the left as shown.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Fold right edge over to the left again.  If you were going to use this rose in a wearable project, you would want to make some securing stitches with a needle and thread at this point along the bottom of the ribbon by the tail.  If you plan to use the flower on a project that won’t get handled much, you can skip it.  Stitching adds durability but takes a few more moments.  (In this example, I skipped the stitches.)

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Next, take the length of ribbon to the left and make a fold to the rear.  You can see that it makes kind of a diagonal line.  What was the bottom edge of the ribbon is now on the top of the length of ribbon on the left.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Next, roll the rose in your right hand clockwise so that the fold in the length of ribbon on the left is wrapped around the rose.  How much you turn and wrap is up to you.  At this point, I would turn it about half to three quarters the way around.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Fold the length of ribbon on the left to the back again and then roll the center toward the left.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Simply continue to fold and roll until you are pleased with the look and fullness of the flower.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Bring the twisted length of the ribbon down under the flower and hold it to the tail.  If you are stitching, you will sew the two together together.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Sometimes, instead of stitching, I use my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher and staple the twisted ribbon to the tail.  If you plan to use your flower on a wearable, always go with stitching.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Trim the tail and excess ribbon near your stitches or staple.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

Your finished rose will look something like this.  Each one will vary a bit in look depending on the material used.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

For this flower, I used Melissa Frances’ white crepe paper that I colored with Glimmer Mist.  You can also use paper strips, fabric strips, and of course the many different types of ribbon.

tammytutterow ribbon roses

(My wedding bouquet from May 2000.)

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  1. says

    Fab tut Tammy, thanks for sharing again, I keep trying to do those roses but always get stuck halfway along… I been doing it wrong lol Sorry to hear you suffering… hope you get things sorted soonly x

  2. says

    Aw Tammy – sorry to hear you are so under the weather – hopefully the docs will come up with a solution that will work for you and you’ll feel much better soon!

  3. Elaine Allen says

    Hi Tammy –
    I feel your pain. I usually don’t have my allergy or asthma issues until October into the winter. But this summer has been horrible for me and the asthma has been really bad too. I hope you feel better soon.
    Elaine Allen

  4. marion estes says

    I’ve always wondered how to make those ribbon roses. thanks for the tutorial. I hope you have good news at the end of the day about your asthma meds! Your bouquet is still lovely after 10 years!

  5. Cim Allen says

    I follow you on twitter and I just feel so sorry for you. I was diagnosed with asthma when I turned 39 and I’m the same way it just seems to get worse every year. I hope you get some answers. Thanks for the post. I love the bouquet, what a cool idea. Take care and get better soon !!

  6. Gra says

    Hi Tammy, I understand you, because this summer I’m suffering a lot with my asthma and allergy too.
    I’m thinking about the winter, although here is not hard, I hope you and me will be better than now.
    Excuse my English, it’s no good.
    Hugs from Israel!!!

  7. Sara says

    I was so sorry to hear about your health trails. I have been there and I SO understand how hard it can be. I think you are a creative woman, full of talent, eager to share. Make sure you take the time you need for YOU.

  8. Marilyn McIldoon says

    Sorry to hear about your asthma. I too have had a rotten summer,almost living on allergy pills these days. I also had an outbreak on my hands of eczema from working in the garden. It had become infected and the use of my hands are very limited. It sure seems that our environment is changing, and not for the better. I am hoping the fall will offer some relief! Take care, Marilyn.

  9. says

    Hope the doctors get things sorted out for you today. So sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly; asthma can be such a debilitating disease. Take care and be well!!

  10. Judi says

    Thanks for the ribbon rose re-visit, but most of all, hoping today held some answers for you in terms of your asthma and allergies. It’s no fun to be wiped out and barely functioning!!!! Sending you bouquets of inner peace and calm as you and your doctors sort out this problem.

  11. Julie says

    Tammy, I hope today went well for you and that you get the answers needed to get your asthma under control! Thanks so much for re-posting your rose tutorial. I just love your blog and your awesome creativity!

  12. Marilyn R-S, Dream Valley says

    Good luck with your dr. appt. hopefully, they can find something to help make your asthma more manageable. Appreciate the post. Your bouquet looks wonderful. Love making flowers out of all differnt types of things. thank you, hope you feel better.

  13. renee m says

    My allergies are horrible lately here (Texas)–can’t imagine throwing asthma on top of that :( I sure hope you feel much better soon!

  14. Beth W says

    Your bouquet was beautiful! Hope you got some help at the dr’s and are feeling lots better soon!

  15. Cindy says

    Hope you are feeling better and are getting some answers. There’s nothing worse than feeling bad, especially during the summer!

  16. says

    I just stopped by for a visit and was so sad to hear about your asthma.
    I have had one really bad reaction to some carpet fresh and it was so scary. I can not even think how you must be feeling.
    I am sending hugs and my best thoughts that you breath easier and the doctor gives you some help!