Tuesday Tutorial: Embossed Foil Tiles and Pendants

Welcome to today’s Tuesday Tutorial!  Today I am sharing a technique that I really love.  I have actually shared this in the past but wanted to share it again, this time with a different option for the tile (or pendant).

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

When I shared this technique for the crackled metal pendant, I shared how to make the pendant from copper sheeting.  I wanted to show how to make a similar piece with materials that are much easier to find, Grunge Paper and Foil Tape.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Cut Grunge Paper to any desired size.  Cut a piece of silver Foil Tape 1/2″ larger on the length and width as the Grunge Paper. (For instance, 1.5″x1.5″ Grunge Paper and 2″x2″ Foil Tape.)

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Remove the backing from the foil tape.  Lay the foil adhesive side up on your work surface.  Place the piece of Grunge Paper in the center of the foil.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Fold each corner of the foil down onto the Grunge Paper.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Fold each foil flap down onto the Grunge Paper.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Place the foil/grunge paper tile in an embossing folder and emboss.  I really love the smaller Texture Fades Folders for making pendants.  Their scaled down images are great for smaller tiles.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Add color to the tile with alcohol inks.  With the ink applicator tool, it is easy to add color to just the raised areas if you prefer to keep the color of the metal in the background.  If you want the background to have color, simply work it in with the applicator tool.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

On this piece, I placed the tile in the embossing folder “upside down” so that the “forward design” is recessed.  I like how in this design by coloring the raised areas which would the “background’ it makes it look as though the silver sprockets are pressed into the tile.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

As you add color to your tile, keep in mind that you can remove color using alcohol ink blending solution.  I find having it in a fillable alcohol ink pen makes it super easy to remove color from elements that I want to highlight, for instance the free space on this bingo motif.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Alcohol ink markers like Letraset Promarkers or Copics work well on metal.  The fine point on the markers makes it easy to add color to fine detail areas.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

By tapping a nice juicy alcohol ink marker on metal you can achieve the same blotty effect you get by tapping on inks with the ink applicator tool.  In this example, the blue was applied with the tool and the black was applied with a marker.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Another application option is to drizzle ink directly from the bottle into recessed areas.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

After coloring a piece, you can accent the design if desired by rubbing an archival ink pad over the surface on the raised design.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

If you are using the tile on a craft project like a card or tag, you could stop after inking if you are happy with the look.  If you would like to use the piece for a jewelry pendant, you will want to seal the ink it.  To seal the ink or to add the crackle finish, brush the tile with Glossy Accents in a thin even coat with a foam brush.  Set the tile aside to dry for about 30 minutes to an hour.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

If you would like to add crackle finish, brush on a thin even layer of Clear Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint with a clean foam brush.  The crackle will only stick to the metal with a base of dried Glossy Accents under it.  Without the Glossy Accents the crackle will flake off when dry.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

To use tiles as pendants, punch a hole in the top center and add an eyelet and jumpring.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Unlike the texture and finish that the Distress Crackle Paint creates on paper, on metal with a base of Glossy Accents, the crackle dries smooth to the touch.  (This piece has the new Adirondack Snow Cap Mixative blended in with the colors, which gave the background a really soft muted color.)

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

Most of the crackling effect will be evident in the larger open areas.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

On this tile, I embossed the design so that the Umbrella Man (I used the mini Texture Trade) is recessed.  Having the backgroud as the raised design meant I was able to easily and completely fill the backgroud with color.  I love the effect of the man being sunken in.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

The photo really doesn’t capture just how cool the crackle looks on the silver background.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants

This tile was colored completely with the new Adirondack Snow Cap White Mixative.  I love how when it dries it looks like white enamal.  I added color accents with markers and brushed the raised areas with a black archival ink pad.  I finished it the the Glossy Accents and Crackle finish.

tammytutterow embossed foil pendants


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  1. says

    Thanks, Tammy, for the tutorial!! I’ve got to try this – love the tiles! And the Snow Cap – just got some this weekend – I love how that tile looks! Yep, I’ll be making some of these soon.

  2. Kirsten Alicia says

    I MUST try these! The tiles look terrific & adding the crackle was inspired. Thanks Tammy.

  3. Pam Perry says

    Tammy, you are the bestest! Thanks for sharing all these techniques to combine a whole bunch of stuff I adore! You ROCK!

  4. renee m says

    These are great! Did not know about the foil tape before now. For the ones to be used as pendants, do you finish off the back side by covering with paper or sealing it? Am looking forward to trying this out :)

  5. marion estes says

    Thanks, Tammy, this looks like it would be lotsa fun to play with! I love the crackle, too. Good to know about using the glossy accents first.

  6. says

    Hello Tammy,
    favorite is the use of the crackle on the metal ! thanks for the tip to add glossy accents first so the crackles don’t flake off.
    thanks for the tutorial !
    greetings from belgium

  7. says

    Excellent tutorial Tammy!! I had no idea about using the Glossy Accents on metal so that Crackle could be used over top. Love it! TFS

  8. Jean McNulty says

    What an awesome project…I am going to give it a try. Hope mine are as gorgeous as yours;) Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Beth W says

    I’m starting to think like you! I have a piece of thin shiny sheet metal I’m going to emboss with the Halloween word folder,ink up, and cut part to use on some cards and home decor. After reading this-think I will use one to make a pin!

  10. Elaine Allen says

    Tammy –
    These are awesome! Thank you so very much for sharing with us. Can’t wait to give this a try.
    Elaine Allen

  11. says

    Totally remember doing this last year after your first tutorial – and yes, this is MUCH easier! OMG, LOVING that poker face!!! I just got the snow cap mixative last weekend – can’t wait to try it out by itself!! That looks awesome!!

  12. Marijane says

    Great techniques! I’m so glad foil tape is now easy to find… I’ll definitely give this a try. Thanks!

  13. Sara says

    Wow. My job was eliminated about 3 weeks ago, and you help me not care at all! What fun this technique is…can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  14. Anonymous says

    I really believe on those creative people that can make different products on some recycled materials. Especially this pendant metal and foil that created a tile. I love how you do the design and it is really artistic. I think it is also a good design for your interior.

  15. says

    Just noticed this tutorial on your sidebar and came for a look – oh boy am I glad to have done that!! LOVE what you have done here. Will definitely give it a go. Hugs, Jenny x