Ranger Ink: From Heart and Hand Fabric Tag

I had the pleasure of creating several samples for Ranger Ink for CHA-S 2011.  After the show I was asked to write tutorials for some of the projects so they could be added to their tutorial page.  My first one went live yesterday.  It is for this tag that I absolutely love!

tammytutterow heart and hand tag

The supplies and instructions are available on the Ranger site here: http://www.rangerink.com/projects/cards/projects_cards_ShrinkPlasticFabricTag.htm .  I thought it would be fun to share a few more detailed images here to go along with the instructions.

tammytutterow heart and hand tag

This was the first of the heart in hand charms I made.  I love the way it turned out so much that I was inspired to make them for necklaces.

tammytutterow heart and hand tag

This was also the first time I tried coloring muslin with Distress Stains.  The tutorial I posted before (http://tammytutterow.typepad.com/tammy_tutterow/2011/08/tuesday-tutorial-distress-stain-muslin.html) focused on a more monochromatic color palette.  I love that this tag had more diverse colors.

tammytutterow heart and hand tag

This heart is two layers, the bottom layer is Grungepaper colored with Distress Stains and then the heart (Wendy Vecchi’s Love to Make Art set) stamped on crinoline.  The two were layered and sewn together.  I love how folky and aged it looks.

tammytutterow heart and hand tag

I really love vintage buttons and think they add such a nice touch.

tammytutterow heart and hand tag

I love the quilt batting peeking out of the frayed edges.  I was going for something that would look like a scrap of an old vintage quilt and think I really achieved that.  This is hands down one of my all time favorite tag creations.

Remember, for this one, you can find the supply list and isntructions on Ranger’s website.

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  1. Nana Beth W says

    It’s mesmerizing-I can’t stop looking at it.Got to get me the hand stamp so I can give this a try. Thank you again for never failing to inspire me.

  2. Marijane says

    I love these tags (I also reviewed the light blue one you posted some time back)! They are so interesting in their details, quite different, and I can’t pick a favorite. The little “shrunken” hand is so darn cute!

  3. Anonymous says

    The perfect combination of great art and passion are seen on this post.Very creative and nice to know that there are people who are really into artistic designs.

  4. Creative Photo Albums says

    Definitely, this will be my all-time favorite tag too. I’ve never seen tags as cool as this one! Love the heart used and so as the charm! The distress stain communicates certain emotion that captures ones attention to looking at it closely. The stitching is remarkable. Again this is stunning – a classic! Love every detail of this tag!