Papillon UTEE Pendant

Well. . .  the voice issue continues, but it is better.  It appears that it isn’t related to a cold at all, but rather part of an issue I have with asthma, my vocal chord dysfunction, and reflux.  Getting past the flare up is all about learning what triggers it for me and avoiding it (ugh, chocolate!).  Slowly all is getting back to normal.  I know several of you are really looking forward to the video tutorial I promised for the UTEE pendants.  I feel terrible to have promised it and then not delivered due to my voice.  It has been a bit more than being hoarse and feeling self conscious about sounding bad in a video.  Some days I just have been barely able to speak.  At some points my voice has just given out mid-word.  It has been very frustrating.  My husband hasn’t said so, but I secretly believe he has been enjoying it!

So anyway, I apologize again for those who have been so patiently waiting for the video.  I feel confident in saying “soon”.  Until then, I have images of another necklace I made using UTEE and shrink plastic.  I am crossing my fingers for next Tuesday for the tutorial, so cross your fingers!


I made these two pieces thinking of using them separately, but really loved how they looked when hung together.

tammytutterow utee papillon pendant

I really love the transparency of the top pieces that allows the text on the tile below to show through.

tammytutterow utee papillon pendant

I really love how these two pieces shrunk and dipped in such a lumpy bumpy imperfect way.  It reminds me of slumped art glass.

tammytutterow utee papillon pendant

On this tile, it is simply the text stamp stamped in black on shrink plastic, cut out, shrunk, and then dipped.

tammytutterow utee papillon pendant

I love the simplicity and clarity of the pendant.  You could have added color, but I really think that with a great stamp design, you don’t really need to have color to have a great piece.

tammytutterow utee papillon pendant

On this piece, I added color with Copic markers before shrinking and dipping.  I love the addition of color and love how translucent the colors are even after shrinking.  You can color images with colored pencils and other types of markers, but not all stay so clear.



UPDATE: 5/28 You can now find the instructions for making Shrink Art UTEE Pendants here:…glass-pendants/.



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  1. Renee M. says

    This necklace is fabulous–you really work magic w/ the UTEE and shrink plastic! LOVE those butterflies. I got quite a chuckle out of your husband perhaps being glad for your voice problem :) My 11-yr-old son and I have bad reflux too and it’s weird (and really irritating!)the issues it can cause–you’re right on when you said you have to figure out the triggers (peppermint, red pasta sauce, and–major bummer–Cokes for me). Fingers crossed for next Tuesday, but most importantly hope you’re feeling back up to speed!

  2. Karen M. says

    Love-love-love the necklace! What an easy & inexpensive gift. Hope you feel better soon!
    Karen M.

  3. says

    Stunning pendant! You have inspired me to pull out my shrink plastic and go for it! Take care of your voice. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy New Year.

  4. KimMJ says

    Hope you feel better soon. I feel for you as I know what it is to deal with Reflux. No chocolate or coffee allowed, the horror :O.
    Thanx so much for sharing this tutorial as it is just beautiful! IN the mean time we all have time to practive the technique. TFS

  5. BARB T says

    Beautiful pendant, really love it! Reflux is not fun, I know. Hope you have all the issues under control soon.

  6. Elaine Allen says

    Tammy –
    Don’t worry about the tutorial. You will get to it when you can. Just concentrate on getting better sweetie! And I adore your necklace! It is just so scrumptious and very different. A really lovely piece. Thank you for sharing with us. Here is hoping that the New Year finds you in much better health, and may it be a very special year for you and your family.
    Elaine Allen

  7. says

    Sorry to hear you have no voice. I have similar issues with my asthma and there just isn’t much we can do ey!
    Love what you have done with these stamps and am itching to go into my room but I have to tidy it first!!
    Hope you are better soon!

  8. says

    I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it! First, I hope the voice thing gets better soon. It happens to me about twice a year and yes my family enjoys the silence – LOL! Your shrink & dip pieces are so pretty. I have used both of these products before but hadn’t thought of them together. I will definitely be playing with this idea. – thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    We love your work, not matter when you put it up. Health issues are just a big, ole’ drag and you shouldn’t have to worry about other stuff – just give yourself time to get better. In the meanwhile I’ll keep checking back in.

  10. Anonymous says

    You really have a great talent. The pendant is stunning. It’s like a glass art to me. The transparency of the material that made the text on the back visible looks really great.

  11. Heidi Gore says

    Any chance this tutorial is still on the way or is it done and I just don’t see it listed under your tutorials? I know you are one busy gal, but would love to see a tutorial on this.

  12. says

    This is a great project Tammy. I have bought som Shrink plastic to have ago at this. Thanks for sharing Jules