Medicine Cabinet Mixed Media: Cosmetic Sponge Painting

Background Basics | Medicine Cabinet Mixed Media- Cosmetic Sponge Painting by Tammy Tutterow | www.tammytutterow.comLast week I started a new series of technique tutorials featuring background techniques using products I found in my medicine cabinet.  Through the series I will share some fun discoveries and a couple of fails too!

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Background Basics: Medicine Cabinet Mixed Media- Toothbrush Painting

Background Basics | Medicine Cabinet Mixed Media- Toothbrush Painting by Tammy Tutterow | www.tammytutterow.comI love creating fun backgrounds for my tags and other mixed media projects.  I love a background that is interesting but not so detailed that it detracts from my embellishments and themes.  Of course you can create great backgrounds with embossing folders, stamps, and stencils, but my first background love is creating something interesting with inks and paints.

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Quotes for Art | May 31

Quotes for Art | | My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry., to get my work done and to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return. Maya Angelou

Quotes and great phrases often inspire my art. Sometimes the quote comes first, and sometimes it is the art that puts me on a search for just the right words. Either way, I love including the words of others in my art, letting their words capture the message in the art I make or using it to add meaning to the art. If you are like me and love great words, I hope you will enjoy the week’s selection of Quotes for Art. I hope they inspire you as you carve out time to create art in the coming week. [Read more…]

My Doodle Book Library…

My Doodle Library by Tammy Tutterow | www.tammytutterow.comWhen I was a girl, I dreamed of being an author and illustrator when I grew up.  I loved to draw, I loved to create, and I loved writing.  Somewhere along the way adult life happens and we let go of things we dream of.  In my case, a good paying job, children, a divorce, and a lot of life.  I put away the drawings and half-finished rough draft of a picture book that I started and didn’t pick it back up. [Read more…]