Vintage Images:

  • Images are for your personal use in arts and crafts projects.  You may sell completed pieces of artwork that include the vintage images.
  • You may not re-post the images, re-sell, or re-distribute these images in any form for sale or for free on any other website.
  • These images may not be used in collage sheets, image CD’s, incorporated, included in, or reworked into digital scrapbook or web graphics, stamps, or anything similar without my consent.
  • These images may not re-produced or altered in whole or in part for the purpose of re-selling or re-distributing them as images, graphics, or as stamps. They are not be re-sold or re-distributed in any form other than handmade handcrafted art and craft pieces.
  • Please note that I own the original copies of all vintage images shared on this site. I do not offer any images that I do not own an original copy of.

Free Blog Projects, Free Project Instruction Printables, Printable Patterns, and Free Retail Distribution:

  • Retailers can share files labeled “free distribution” in the retail market so long as they are free to customers.  Retailers can distribute those tutorials in printed form to customers so long as the file, images, and branding remain intact as I have created it.  Please do not alter the file to remove or cover my name and contact information.
  • Non-retailers: All other site visitors may download and use any free project instruction downloaded from this site for personal use.
  • You may not re-post the files to share with others to download or copy, or to use for re-sale on any other website. I urge each person who wants to use these files to visit this site directly and download their own copy.

Project Instruction Downloads and e-books for Sale:

  • Any project downloads and/or e-books for sale on this site are for personal use of the purchaser ONLY.
  • You may not re-sell or re-distribute downloads in whole or in part without my written consent.
  • You may not teach these classes in stores without my permission.  I do license some classes to stores to be taught by their staff. If you are interested in teaching one of my classes, please contact me for pricing and details.

A note about your purchases:

  • Download purchases are made over a secure network.
  • I use a secure cart program that protects your privacy.  I do not have access to your personal information other than your name, email address, and purchase selections.
  • Because of the nature of the download content, I can not accept returns.
  • Because of the nature of the product, I do not accept returns.
  • If a technical issue prohibits you from downloading your products, please contact me for alternate delivery options.  Refunds and cancellations are available for technical reasons only.  All requests for refunds or cancellations must be handled by contacting me directly using my contact page.  Please provide your order number and the email address you provided with the order.
  • All products are virtual and delivered by download.  I will not be shipping anything to you.
  • Any questions can be directed to me through my contact page.


If you are in doubt about your intended use of my graphics, e-books, or classes please contact me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.



All images, products, and site content are copyright protected.

updated 12/16/14