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Applying and Blending Distress Ink

Covering a Wood Frame

Hand Dyed Crinkled Seam Binding

I thought I would add a little more info here about the crinkled seam binding. The response to this technique has been so amazing! I have gotten tons of emails about it and have seen it discussed on several crafty message boards. I am so thrilled to see so many people finding it useful.

I wanted to add a little info to answer some of the questions I get often. Hopefully some of these will be helpful.

  • The key is getting the seam binding wet, scrunching it, and letting it dry.
  • You can heat dry it, but I prefer air drying it. I think heating releases some of the crinkles. I like mine super crinkley so I am willing to let it set.
  • The crinkles stay even with a ton of handling. I first shared my technique for this at CHA-W. I did 100 in one batch. I handled it a ton as I pulled on it, measured, and cut it. The crinkle stayed put.
  • When you air dry, it is sometimes a little stiff feeling. After you handle it a bit it softens up.
  • Why Glimmer Mist? I used Glimmer Mist because at the time I made the video I was an educator for Tattered Angels.  Since I made this, I have come to prefer using Tim Holtz Distress Inks and Stains to color my ribbon.  Any colorant will work.
  • The base coat I mention in the video. . . I did that video when I first started making this ribbon and have since changed my technique some.  I like to get the ribbon fairly moist so that the other colors blend well. You do not have to do that. You can just add color  I find the wetter the ribbon, the better it blends.
  • Do you have to use white seam binding? No. That just happens to be what I use a lot because it is versatile. I have a ton of colors of sprays to use, so for me it was more economical to get my color from the sprays and not the ribbon.
  • The store I mention in the video that I have bought from is They also have a shop on Etsy ( and Ebay ( if you prefer shopping through those sites. No, I am not affiliated with this store, I have just shopped with them and been pleased with their service and price.
  • The brand I generally use is Hug Snug. Most generally you will see this type of ribbon called “rayon seam binding”, but some companies will call it just rayon ribbon or trimming. May Arts and Midori both sell a rayon ribbon that will work so check your scrap stores, you may find it there.

Since this video was made, Tim Holtz has come out with Crinkle Ribbon that dies wonderfully and holds an fabulous wrinkle even after being heat dried.  It is now my first choice for ribbon or seam binding.